German language Translation Service in Singapore ; Translate & Proofread


If you are looking for fast quality German translations then DAXELL Translations is the perfect vendor. We have native speaking German project managers and a pool of translators who cover a wide range of industry specialisations.

German translation is an important consideration for any business with an international presence. Our main German translations are English to German, but we are seeing a lot of German to Spanish and German to Polish translations as well. With the largest national economy in Europe, Germany is home to several Fortune 500 companies and is also known for its support of small and medium enterprises.

German Translations you can trust

All of our German translation processes and systems are certified, the highest global standard for the translation industry. Daxell Translation can provide certified translations for almost any country including legal certified translations.

German Document Translation Services

We can provide, among many others;
  • German legal Documents,
  • German technical documents, german
  • marketing documents, German based website documents, German medical literature, German certified financial
  • and personal translation services,
  • in addition to translations for the public sector.
Our professional translation services stretch across a host of varied requirements, so we are exceptionally well-equipped to serve you.
Our document translation services are performed by more than 5,000 professional, highly experienced translators working for us on a global scale, who are proficient in localising translations and translating into their mother tongue. We are therefore able to offer accurate and professional document translation services to our clients.
We always allocate a dedicated project manager to our clients, who will ensure you are kept up to date on your project, your deadlines are met, and your document translation services are performed by a qualified and experienced translator.
If you choose a reputable and experienced language translation agency such as us to do business with, you will have immediate access to all of this expertise. Our wide reach, presence and success with providing accurate document translation services make us a front running translation company.

Quick Turnaround German Translations

Need your German document translation in a hurry? We can provide rapid turnaround translations. can work on larger documents concurrently, making it possible to get even very large documents translated within a couple of days.

Send the German language literature to us via Online Chat, Email and Traditional mail.