Do you seek chinese translation company in singapore? You come right on time, here we translate and proofread chinese mandarin paper works, document or email for your translation.

There is a huge demand for Chinese translation service for business documents related to commerce exchange between North America and China. While some other reasons include the transfer of Chinese birth certificates, translation of business proposals, web content, or other official and practical documents, Chinese to English translation continues to be in constant high demand. Our translators are equipped with industry specific skills in not only business, but also law, medical data, technology, and many others that often come with technical terms, and require technical Chinese translation. No matter what the industry or the nature of your document, we can provide you with accurate Chinese document translation. To get a free quote for a Chinese document translation, simply choose your language from the menu on the left, upload or fill in your text, and you’ll be given an estimate in just seconds.

Our Chinese language services include:

  • Chinese Mandarin Document Translation
  • Chinese Mandarin Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Chinese Mandarin Linguistic Validation
  • Chinese Mandarin Consecutive Interpretation
  • Chinese Mandarin Transcription
  • Chinese Mandarin Typesetting and Graphics
  • Chinese Mandarin Voiceovers and Subtitling
  • Chinese Mandarin Staffing Solutions
  • Chinese Mandarin Multicultural Marketing
  • Chinese Mandarin Document Management
  • Chinese Mandarin Deposition Services
  • Chinese Mandarin Virtual Data Room Services
  • Chinese Mandarin E-Learning Support
  • or Email conversation

Sources for Chinese Translation Service

While a general rule for professional translation service is to use a native translator for the target language, for Chinese language translation, that is not always the case. This is due to several reasons:

  • English translators are more likely to incorrectly translate specific Chinese concepts and other inaccurate understandings about Chinese culture. For example: A hand written poster is a common method of Chinese public communication, but is mistranslated as “prose,” by many English translators.
  • Chinese language translation can also be inaccurately rendered by English speakers when translating a loosely organized Chinese phrase or sentence. Because the Chinese language is in many ways, much more abstract than English, this is something translators should be vigilant about with any Chinese document translation
  • This is not to say Chinese translators are always accurate. There have been some very humorous Chinese to English mistranslations, obviously rendered by a Chinese translator. Tourist signs, bathroom signs, and even marketing ads in China have all been spotted with botched translations. For example, a tourist sign outside a rest stop in China reads “You can enjoy the fresh air after finishing a civilized urinating.” A marketing sign that is supposed to read “shockingly delightful” was translated from Chinese to English as “A nice electric shock.”

While these mistakes are humorous, you don’t want to be the next example of a botched translation. That’s why so many individuals and businesses alike have been relying upon Tomedes for professional Chinese translation service. Our Chinese translators have impeccable English skills, as well as a thorough understanding of culturally significant language factors. We provide Chinese to English translation around the world on a daily basis.