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  • Written German translating service from German to other languages
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NO# 1 Fastest German Translation services in Singapore & Malaysia ; THE BEST German translating RELIABLE Translators with THE MOST Affordable PricingWe Translate various of German language type from either manual or electronic documents. We have translated german language to other languages, or we have been translating from other languages to German language.

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German Document Translation Services

The largest national economy in Europe and home to several Fortune 500 companies as well as a booming economy, German translation is becoming an increasingly important element for internationally-operating businesses.

Some examples of the high-quality translation services offered by us are as follows:

– German Document Translation (e.g. marriage certificates, migration documents etc.)
– Translation of German Websites
– German Video Translation
– Translation of German Marketing Material

These examples are not exhaustive, however: Translation Services SG offers a wide range of translation services depending on the needs of our clients.

Quality and Affordable German Translators

Translation Services SG is one of the largest translation companies in Singapore, meaning we have a vast network of professional and highly experienced translators, ready to offer our clients accurate and cohesive translation services. Our employees’ expertise is rich and diverse – spanning across a variety of areas – and means that we are exceptionally well-equipped to serve your specific business needs.

We form a respectful partnership with our business clients: we ensure you are consistently updated about the progress of your project, that your deadlines are consistently met and that your translations are performed by a qualified professional. We offer all these services for a competitive fee – the lowest on the Singaporean market – meaning that placing a project with is a great investment.

By choosing to do business with a reputable and verified language translation service, you will have immediate access to all the above-mentioned tools, and much more. We consistently exceed our clients’ expectations, ensuring a successful and beneficial relationship. Our longstanding success at delivering high-quality, punctual translation services defines us as one of Singapore’s key translation companies.

As for the German Language

German, or Deutsch, is a West Germanic language – alongside English and Dutch – and is natively spoken by approximately 100 million people. The most widely spoken native language in the European Union, German is one of the world’s major languages and is widely taught throughout the EU.

Widely spoken throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, German speakers can be also found in Belgium, Northern Italy and some regions of France. In the United Kingdom, German (alongside French) is identified by businesses as being the most useful foreign language and speakers are consequently extremely sought-after.

The German language is complex and rich: with four cases, three genders and strong and weak verbs. Like England, Germany has a wide range of accents and dialects – with many different varieties of the language in existence across Europe. Thus, making the role of a native translator even more vital to ensure complete accuracy and understanding.

Hire us for your German Translation work

Whatever your German translation requirements, Translation Services SG will deliver high-quality translation for the most competitive price in Singapore.

No matter the assignment, our professional team will manage your project efficiently and effectively, making Translation Services SG the quickest and cost-friendliest option for all your translation needs.

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Learning German on Offline Basis


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1. Native Speaker – an important resource 

One of the best ways to put your German skills to the test (and improve them) is talking to a native speaker. This way, you can examine for yourself if you can follow and contribute to a conversation. There are several ways you can get in touch with native speakers: hire a private tutor, look for meetings of a German speaking community in your country (Google will be very useful in finding one) or become friends with exchange-students from a German speaking country.

Pro: You can practice your German skills in real life situations not only in class.

Con: It might take you some time to find appropriate native speakers in your country and hiring a private tutor can be quite expensive.

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2. Learn German while playing games

Learning German is not only about difficult grammar exercises. Often you have to work on your language skills outside the classroom. What could be better than learning German while being with friends end enjoying a game night? There are many games, which are perfect and helpful to improve your German skills and get a better understanding of the language.

Here are a few game tips:

  • Tabu: It is about explaining a term without using certain words. If you are good in rewriting and defining, you have a good chance of winning.
  • Activity: Here the terms are not only explained, but also presented graphically and in mime. Creativity goes a long way!
  • A word-picture memory game: It is all about finding the correct counterpart to the image or word. Sounds easy, but for someone who is learning a foreign language, it can be a challenge. By assigning the correct image to each word, you save pictures in your head, which supports a better memory.

Pro: Learning German like this is more fun! Combine an evening among friends with deepening your German vocabulary.

Con: The increased fun factor, however, can also distract, which is why the learning effect is sometimes diminished.

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3. Talk to yourself 

This may sounds strange, but don’t worry! You do not have to start with a self-talk in the tram, which is full of people. Try it when you are at home while cooking or hanging up the washing. Self-talks help you repeat what you have learned and test yourself. You can practice the pronunciation and even support thinking in the Germen language. It also can help those who do not like to talk in front of people.

Pro: Regular self-talks in the foreign language can increase your self-confidence and you will notice it the next time you need to talk in front of your class.

Con: As the name suggests, you are talking to yourself, which means that no one can help you or correct you.

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4. Visit a German speaking country 

This might be the best option for learning a new language quickly.  Once you are in a German speaking country and want to have conversations with locals or want to understand the news on the radio, you will have no other choice but learning the language! Nevertheless, you do not have to jump in the deep end. In almost every country, there are language schools that help you learn German while you’re abroad. At the ActiLingua Academy in Vienna, our students attend German lessons held by qualified native speaking teachers. After the lessons, there is plenty of time left for experiencing Vienna and participating in our leisure activities. We offer German courses for all levels from A1 to C2.

Pro: Great, if you wish to learn German fast and are interested in the culture of the country, too.

Con: Learning a language abroad can often involve high cost. At the ActiLingua Academy, we strive for a fair price-performance ratio and therefore provide special offers.

It is up to you whether you prefer to learn online or offline. Often, a combination of both can be very helpful. You need to find out which type of learning strategy fits you best, to make your learning sessions efficient.

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Why Learning German Language

Why You Should Learn German

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There are myriad of reasons to learn German. Here you can read about the
history of the German language, facts about German, different varieties of
German as well as dialects and about the most effective ways of learning German.

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Good reasons for learning German:

  • Communication

    German is spoken by more than 120 million people in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland and in parts of Belgium, Northern Italy and Eastern France.

  • Business

    German is a key language in the European Union and the new economies of Central and Eastern Europe. Learning German improves your chances of success in today’s job market.

  • Culture

    German is a very important cultural language. It was spoken and written
    by Goethe, Mozart, Beethoven, Freud, Klimt and Einstein, as well as numerous other great artists and scientists. Today, 10% of all books published worldwide are in the German language.

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Learn German online:

  • Individual progress

    With our interactive German courses, when you study and how
    intensive the courses are, are up to you!  Learning German online
    isn’t just easy, it’s free too!

  • Learn German for free

    Rules of German grammar, interactive German exercises and
    German tests for beginners and advanced learners of German  are all available for free!

Learn German directly where it is spoken

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  • Effective and lasting improvement

    Total immersion will greatly improve how you learn German.
    A German course abroad is intensive and effective – and it is fun, too!
    Even when shopping you will enlarge your vocabulary, learn pronunciation and intonation, and find out more about a foreign culture,
    its history and mentality.

  • Austria and Germany

    Due to its unique history, the German language did not develop
    a binding standard for a long time. Standard German does not have its origin in a local dialect, but rather poets, philosophers and scholars artificially created it.
    All German languages schools that are recommended on this site teach correct standard German.

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